We all know solar can help you make sustainable reductions to your electricity costs, protect your business from rising electricity prices, increase the value of your property and potentially make a handsome return on investment. But wouldn’t you want to properly protect your business in this dynamic and relatively young market crowded with companies whose business models are yet to be proven?

Why a kWh guarantee?

Go beyond component warranties

Solar panel warranties are important but only cover a replacement product for a proven defect during the warranty term. To claim succesfully against a product warranty is complicated and costly. And any loss of production during the defect or replacement period is not covered. With a kWh guarantee you protect yourself against loss of production.

A warranty is only as strong as the balance sheet that backs it

Autarco solar PV systems come with an insured kWh guarantee that compensates you cash in hand should the system underperform. Underwritten by Lloyd's of London, your investment is secure!

Straightforward and easy to understand

Future cashflows from a PV asset are the result of its energy produced and that's exactly what a kWh guarantee guarantees. With an insured kWh guarantee you can make a rock solid business case that all your stakeholders will appreciate.

Want to truly protect your PV investment?

An kWh guarantee is a powerful and advanced means to protect your investments in solar PV. Should your asset yield less energy than guaranteed the beneficiary of the kWh guarantee receives a cash compensation per missed kilowatthour (kWh).
And because each kWh guarantee is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London the PV asset yields are protected by the world’s largest and A rated insurer.

Verify your guarantee

Not every PV system is eligible

To obtain a kWh guarantee your PV asset needs to conform to these strict terms:

  1. It must be comprised of solar panels and inverters produced by approved and listed partners.
  2. It must have a digital twin, modelled in software by approved and listed partners.
  3. It must communicate monitoring data to our servers.
  4. You need to accept our terms and conditions.

You can only apply for an insured kWh guarantee within 90 days of commissioning the PV system. Make sure to ask your EPC or installer for a system eligble for insured kWh guarantee.

Approved and listed partners

Members of our independent board

The foundation, its operations and continued ability to meet its mandate of providing the most secured performance guarantee in the solar PV industry is governed by an indepenent board of directors. Each member is an expert in its field:

  • Gerard De Leede – Professor Smart Cities at JADS – Tilburg University
  • Dan Horan – CFO – Autarco
  • Frank Peters – Partner – HLB Van Daal accountancy

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